Artist's Statement

The kernel idea of all my paintings is to express how the "other self"—the unconscious—responds to my sensory experience of the physical world, whether it be jazz, climate change or the pulsing of my own heart. While all art reveals the artist's subconscious, I strive to convey the tangible. With that in mind I embarked on a series of painting experiments. By expanding my studio toolkit I am open to new experiences, new ways of considering the world, and if things go well, new insight. I explore various styles and genres—forced to be more inventive. Yippee! I start with ideas that fascinate me, and then upend them, creating a new world that might be unsettling, but also provocative. I wonder what will happen next?


In this series I explore patterns and shapes from microscopic imagery. The soft edges and colors create an ambience that is calm and soothing. I contrast thin washes of color with heavy impasto to fully articulate the surface quality. I stretch my canvases using premium quality canvas, wood stretcher bars and gesso. I use only professional acrylic and oil paint like Golden and Gamblin. The canvas has gallery wrapped and painted edges, so there is no need to frame. It's wired on the back, ready to hang.




We see human thought

and feeling best and clearest

by seeing it through

something solid that our

hands have made.

Eudora Welty















Mira Kamada Artist, Painter, Designer

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